“Every meal we eat becomes an opportunity towards healing”

No two people are alike, and no two people will respond the same way to treatment; each person is unique in every way, and deserves to be heard and seen as such. Understanding this, a reputable functional nutrition counselor will treat each individual holistically.

That’s what I do.

Functional nutrition counselors are educators and use science to evaluate the workings of your “whole body”.

That’s what I do too.

Treating you with courtesy and dignity, I dig deep to ascertain the root cause(s) of your health challenge. By creating a uniquely-targeted food plan, accompanied by realistic lifestyle modifications, I will help you shift the terrain, and successfully meet your goals.

Picture this. A tree has deep and wide-spreading roots. If the soil is too sandy, the tree will dry out quickly in the summer, and its nutrients will leech away with any kind of rainfall. If the soil is water-logged, the roots will drown and the tree will choke.

However, if the soil is balanced with the proper amount of sand, silt and clay, then the roots will properly absorb the nutrients, and the tree will thrive.

Similarly, a health issue can be worsened, or bettered, by what goes on, deep in the body.

Is Functional Nutrition Counselling Right for You?

Honestly ask yourself the following:

1. Do I want to find relief with modern and proven procedures based on formulas that work?

2. Can I benefit from a caring and dedicated health coach who will dig deep and go the extra mile for me?

3. Am I constantly chasing symptoms rather than finding sustainable resolutions?

If you answered YES to one or more of these questions, then FNC is definitely for you - take ownership of your own health, let me guide you in the right direction.

What You Can Expect From Me

As a Functional Nutrition Counsellor, I am trained to employ a unique approach that encompasses all aspects of your history and health. This in-depth process allows me a multi-layered, intimate understanding of what makes you, you.

1. I will help you remove the top inflammatory culprits in your diet and lifestyle. This is referred to as “clearing the muddy waters'' and aims to reduce systemic inflammation. Doing so allows you to see what is going on in your body, that is unique to you. I consider this step non-negotiable. Without taking it, it's difficult to reach the next level of care.

2. Together, we will focus on the symptoms that still remain. A careful look at your history, considering all aspects of your story, will help identify triggers and root causes in your past and present life. We’ll also aim to address any deficiencies that might be getting in the way of your healing, be they nutrient or lifestyle ones.

3. I work with you. Taking into consideration your current situation, life demands, preferences and unique history, we create a custom plan that feels right to YOU and evolves with your progress, and needs. I respectfully check in with you along the way and interface with you to make the necessary adjustments.

4. I’m with you every step of the way. That means partnering with you, and any other providers on your healthcare team who understand the need for a collaborative approach. I believe that today’s health challenges are best served by practitioners and patients cooperating - you will not go through this alone.