Health and Wellness program

Are you in need of less stress in your life? Perhaps you desire more energy? Want to uncover the fabulous you, but your just not sure how? Are you wanting to build healthier habits? Looking to incorporate more physical fitness into your daily routine?

Health Coaching is the way to go. My personalized 90 day program will help you achieve any desired goals you may have.

90 Day Transformational Program includes:

  • 12 one-on-one 45min private and confidential sessions with health coach(via zoom)
  • 12 week program which will help you uncover the obstacles of what’s keeping you from feeling fabulous.
  • During the 12 weeks you will develop a powerful vision of your desired goals
  • Each week you will be assigned a task to help you achieve your goals and build those healthy habits
  • During the 12 weeks we will discover which foods and lifestyle habits are stopping you from achieving this healthy vision.
  • Crystal clear step by step personalized instruction
  • We will discover what is the root cause of life stress and a step by step plan on how to fix it
  • A personalized program will be given so you can start to feel the effects of your desire goals right away.

Personal Training Program

Personalized workout programs are designed for those individuals who:

  • Have established a good workout routine and are familiar with the basic knowledge of exercises.
  • Looking for a more challenging routine to help them get out of the plateau state
  • Trying to achieve certain goals
  • Looking for ideas to keep you motivated
  • Dealing with a certain injury and not sure which exercises are safe
  • Desire more flexibility, strength, and mobility in your daily routine.
  • In need of a development of a program to work on a specific issue

Functional Nutrition Counseling

As your Functional Nutrition Counselor, it is my job to empower you with the education and resources to take control of your own health. I look at nutritional needs but also consider your emotional, physical & cognitive well being when recommending any healing plan.

  • 1 hour private and confidential sessions to discuss health issues and a plan of action

At time of discussion, we will determine together how often we should meet. Because everyone is unique, a functional nutrition program is all about YOU and YOUR bio-individuality.

  • Tailored to meet your unique needs
  • Your educated in the dietary choices suggested by the practitioner who knows your health history and lifestyle practices
  • Looks at the food you’re eating in the context of your lifestyle practices to make sure you’re nourishing your body well


We have all heard the saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”

Well I say:

“Live your life to the full thru the passage doorway of the kitchen”

Nothing beats a well balanced, nourished meal. It feeds the body and soul good energy.

It allows us to live life to the full with good health.

Start your health journey off on the right foot by booking a VIP day.

What is a VIP Day?

Together I will help you up set up the right environment conditions in your kitchen for success.


This is a personalized one on one 3-6 hour session. Depending on your personal circumstance, these may be some of the areas I can help you with:

  • Reorganize your kitchen so that its functional for day to day prep work
  • Declutter fridge and pantry of tempting foods
  • Reorganize fridge and pantry in a strategic way to help you eat healthier
  • Prep meals for one week so that healthy meals are easily accessible
  • Give you kitchen tips and tricks on prepping healthy snacks
  • Help you understand how to read food lables
  • Take a trip to the grocery store and show you strategic ways to shop

VIP Days are customized and tailored for your personal needs.

*Packages and Pricing available upon request for all programs listed above