What is a Personal Trainer?

A personal trainer helps clients achieve certain fitness goals, with a customized routine designed around each individual's needs. From weight loss, to toning, strength training, and overall health management. Trainers help their clients understand how to be successful in their fitness journey through education, ultimately extending their understanding as to why things are done a certain way, and how that helps achieve their goals.

What is a Master Personal Trainer?

A master personal trainer has an extensive amount of education in the health and fitness field. They possess great expertise in one or more areas, allowing them to offer a wide variety of fitness programs to individuals of all levels of fitness.

My Educational Background

Certified Step Instructor, Alliance Group, July 2001

Certified Personal Trainer, CanfitPro, December 2002

Certified Group Instructor, CanfitPro, November 2003

Certified Master Trainer, ISSA, March 2020

My Specialized Certifications of Expertise

Specialist in Exercise Therapy

Develop a comprehensive exercise therapy program that utilizes Adaptive Programming principles and techniques to address your fitness constraints

Able to recognize a chronic health condition that may require special care while exercising

Seniors Fitness Coach

Good understanding of chronic conditions associated with aging, incorporated into appropriate exercises

Design age-specific fitness programs for strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular health

Specialist in Senior Fitness

Customized programs for the elderly to promote strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular health

Corrective Exercise Specialist

Explain the steps needed to restore structural alignment and stability from head-to-toe

Teach corrective exercises that apply to the most common movement dysfunctions

Prescribe therapeutic exercises for the most prevalent joint restrictions

Certified Nutritionist

Share knowledge about Macronutrients and Micronutrients

Teach lifestyle changes and strategies

Practical assistance with goal setting

How to read labels

Educate about trending diets and myths

Specialist in Strength and Conditioning

Help identify the strains of over-training and how to prevent injuries

Apply the principles of metabolism, body mechanics, and anatomy to help athletes at any level reach optimal performance

What to Expect From Me

I design safe, and creative, exercise programs to help you achieve your fitness goals, while providing nutritional guidance and applicable education along the way. I will help you develop healthy habits, and promise to motivate you, and keep up the momentum, throughout your fitness journey.

With the extensive educational background and practical experience that I bring to the table, I am confident in helping you achieve your goals, no matter the physical fitness level you are currently at.